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A calm evening at the Lodhi Gardens.

A calm evening at the Lodhi Gardens - Manan Kathuria

Sometimes you are bound to take an unknown direction to the destination which is known to you. It just happens in the moment. It was a sunny day, sunlight touched the ground in the darkest of places. Clouds moved on in their own journeys, some parting and some bumping into each other. A slow day at Lodhi Gardens, people were walking, people were talking, some were sleeping, some were breathing. What was I doing? Following my own shadows, I was in a journey.

Passing by the flora, where lamps were lit in the middle of an afternoon as time couldn’t wait for the sun to set, the universe led me to a bench. A soft instrumental music complemented the scene. It felt as if I’m living in the process, which will turn into poetry someday.

A reflection of their togetherness, as they saw in the water. Their-selves meeting themselves. I’m sitting on the bench and looking at the water now. Slowly moving in the direction of the winds. Sometimes left, sometimes right. There’s calmness in silence. There are memories in remembrance. As I try to look towards the bench in front of me which holds so many stories, it’s hid under the shadows of the tree which has grown old with time. Now, the branches have taken over.

It’s 4:00pm. A dog comes and sits next to me. A paddle of ducks comes floating in the river, as the fountains turn on. But, on the other side, the flowing water has lost it’s peace. It’s unsettling. The mist in the air, makes the bench disappear. The scene has changed. I get up from the bench. A duck from the paddle walks along with me in solitude, leaving the group behind.

I walk a further ahead. And, as I look into the water, the clouds have reached the ground, my-self is meeting myself. There’s calmness again. Is it what we seek or is it just hidden in us? I don’t know...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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