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A Sunday in Purani Dilli.

A Sunday in Purani Dilli by Manan Kathuria

Purani Dilli is a feeling. It makes you live in all the eras at once. I thought I’m travelling back to some 60-70 years, as I walked through Chawri Bazaar on a Sunday morning. It comes to me as a surprise, that it is the laziest day for most of the people in Purani Dilli. Doors aren’t open for work and shutters are down for the sake of living on a Sunday.

The world surrounds photographers documenting lives, writers making notes, historians observing architecture, foodies on an exploration, families on a vacation, ideal gossips of the week, chai with friends, one plate bedmi puri for two, a map in a solo travellers hand, but no chaos, just silence.

The cart-pullers are dressed smartly wearing ironed shirts, getting a long awaited haircut and beard of their choice by the street barbers. Sun covers most of the lanes, which are always occupied with shadows.

Grey, Blue, Pink, Green. Colours still reside in this monochromatic world. I feel, Chawri Bazaar is like a treasure hunt, it makes you traverse the mazes of historic buildings, intricate jharokas, taaks, balconies which speaks a lot despite the silence.

The overall scene is like you are living inside a film. Some soothing background score with no dialogues is playing in the back of your mind. You look up, you find a window in a wall, some feet resting after a long walk of hard-work. You look on the street, you find some feet peddling for making a life worth living. Nothing in chaos, all in silence...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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