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Banjara Market: The Gyspy World.

How beautiful is so beautiful? This was the first line that came to my mind when I saw this world for the very first time.

A small world inside India’s emerging metropolis. A small community of Banjaras living in Kuchha-Pucca houses, surrounded by the concrete jungle of Gurgaon. A treat for street photographers, a treat for antique collectors, a treat for furniture enthusiasts, a treat for budget home furnishings. This is what their world is all about, through an outsider’s perspective.

Hundreds of families, bundles of memories, million dreams, zillion struggles. All of these stories, are a part of their daily lives. Look at that family, sitting together, with a hookah in between, ottomans kept for sale, in their own world, it is so picturesque isn’t it. Four kids cycling their way through life without thinking of the circles, that might come.

Two men in a conversation about what’s next, ‘Will there be more costumers today?’ they say. A photo-frame seller, busy binging on the internet about new frame designs.

My favourite moment where I could freeze time was a Kabootarbaaz feeding white pigeons, which is such a rare sight in today’s world. How beautiful is so...? A papad (snack) seller, was incharge of the music in this short rendezvous film of mine. A small green colour instrument, which sounded like a dholak, was played by him to attract kids and people.

But, I’m afraid that the Banjaras will go on to their next destination, as they travel through time and places.

The sound will be no more, new families would craft their stories in old homes, but will there be light in this darkness?

As I just read, a demolition drive begins to remove encroachments and people living in the banjara market, to construct a bus stop, college and a group housing society here. But what will happen to this beautiful world, I’m afraid that these pictures will be resting in history books someday. But, How beautiful is so beautiful? No one knows...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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