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I'm busy thinking what to do but I'm always doing 

something to keep my mind

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About me

I'm a Golden Youth for Child Rights Award 2018 winner for my short film 'Chiraiya Chaahe Aasmaan' at the Jharkhand Children Film Festival 2018, presented by UNICEF and Prabhat Khabar. My Second Short film, 'Kon Shudh, Kon Ashudh?' has bagged two International Selections at the Lift-Off Network, 2019.

I'm a 100% Scholarship holder, as a B.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication) student at Amity University, Noida with an experience of over 5 years in the field of Film Production, Photography and Writing.


I'm always travelling in different directions of life. The journey includes some artistic and aesthetic roads, creative mountains to climb and beautiful memories to write and document. I find stories when I'm lost in this phase, which comes in terms of films, photographs and poetry. 

Film Making   Photography 
Travel  Poetry

 Volunteering  Creative Arts


I capture, record and write stories.

As a human being, I am patient enough to witness any moment and live it. 


As a Filmmaker, my work is directed towards the society, human rights, disability and the way of living life. Still exploring in the context of films at this age, I'm trying to expand my horizon by experimenting with different genres. I'm a solo film maker, who takes the responsibility of shooting, writing, editing and directing the film altogether by himself.

As a Poet, I write about  my experiences. It portrays what I feel about things, how I observe places and see life, through my eyes, mind, heart and soul. 

As a Photographer, my hands are always on the shutter button, so that I don't miss any moment. Every photo that I click exhibits a story. 

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Every opportunity that knocks on your door teaches you something and you learn so much from it. 

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