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Chiraiya Chaahe Aasmaan

‘Chiraiya Chaahe Aasmaan’ narrates a story of a 11-year-old girl who is forced into child labour by her parents because they prioritise money over education for their child. She is not respected in her own house as well as at the house she works in. The women she works for conducts inhuman behaviour towards her. The hardships of life and illiteracy makes her unaware of the rights she possesses. As the title suggests, she longs for freedom from the chains which are holding her back from spreading her wings and fly. This film is scripted by Vansh Sharma and directed by Manan Kathuria. The Film has received UNICEF’s ‘Golden Youth for Child Rights Award' in All India Short Film Competition 2018 - JCFF.

Bagore ki Haveli - a documentary

As the world is moving towards western culture, this Folk Dance show does not fall short to showcase the cultural heritage of India. The show happens everyday and is happening past 20 years. The artists have a life long association with the group and believe that it is their duty to promote the culture. Audience loves to see when the artists walk around them in the Chaupal. This 6 minute documentary on Bagore ki Haveli, Udaipur is a visual treat. 
Shot, Edited, Scripted & Directed by Manan Kathuria.

Mystical Manali - a travel series

Mystical Manali is a travel series of 3 very interesting and offbeat experiences in Himachal Pradesh.

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