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A heart-breaking post.

I never knew life would be this uncertain, unpredictable and lifeless. I lost my best friend, my father, my buddy, my mentor, my guide in the beginning of this month – June 2021.

The last moment we celebrated was on 7 May, my birthday and the very next day he was hospitalised. Suddenly my life came to a standstill. I don’t know how to describe that situation but it really broke my heart.

He was the one who pushed me to live life, happily and celebrate each and every moment. Find happiness in the smallest of the things and cherish all the memories you create.

In the lockdown, we used to play chess in the evenings over his favourite mint lemon tea and binge-watch web series overnight.

He was like an angel to us. He sent me on my first solo trip to Udaipur, because he wanted me to explore the world. He travelled across 44 countries, and we planned to visit more and more, but sadly this vacuum will always remain now.

He supported me in everything I did and made me reach and grab every opportunity. He is the reason behind me running towards perfection every time and I like that.

I have lost out on words to describe what he meant to me, because I know he was the proudest.

We had dreams to fulfill together and I’ll make you proud, papa. I know you always said the Show must go on. Just smile, laugh and live life.

Wherever you are, you are always in my heart.

I dedicate this journey of my life to you!

Love you always,

Manan :’)

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