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Oh dearest Manan, we did it. RajMan Talkies.

Oh dearest Manan, we did it. RajMan Talkies. Manan Kathuria.

But, I’m still dreaming. It’s been 5 days now. 29 July 2022, a dream turned into a reality. A day which felt like so many years. A dream we once saw sitting in front of the mighty mountains, RajMan, a dream of my dad and mine, took a flight on that stage. A stage where I always aspired to be. A stage I craved for. A story I wanted to tell since so many years. A day of letting it out, venting it out, in happy tears, smiles and laughter.

A family that got together to celebrate Art and the artist in them. A family that cried together, that lived those three hours of their lives together, that supported each other, that inspired each other.

I owe it to everybody who was there. My pillars of strength, my guiding lights, Jai bhai and Abhinav. I’m blessed to have you both. I’m indebted to Qaisiyat and each and everyone who helped me, stood beside me to bring this to life. Amit Ji, the day I met you, I knew this universe is conspiring something. And we did it. You art inspires me. Your life journey inspires me.

Maa, the happiness on her face. It means everything to me.

To everyone, who came. It means the world to me. I’m blessed and my heart is full of gratitude. As Jai bhai tells me always, ‘Zindagi full stop se hat ke, Comma hone lagi hai’

‘The journey has been full of ups and downs, but Abb toh ye ghar ban gaya hai, aur hum ghar waale ho gaye hain’ to ‘Junoon se Imaarat bana do’. We all are in this, together...

Forever in your highs and lows,


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