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Story from the Mountains - Kalpa.

I had been longing to go to the hills, sit next to a balcony, sipping chai and just living. Everyday I used to open my archives folder, I used to see myself in the hills with the widest of smiles on my face. Smiles, full of happiness, full of contentment.

I’m deeply impacted by the mountains when I’m around them. There’s a sense of calmness, joy, blankness, quietness, serenity. A feeling of being lost in the mighty mountains and a feeling of finding yourself, being the minutest part of everything.

Flowing along with the Satluj River, we reached Kalpa. Kalpa felt like home as soon as we took the road upwards from Reckong Peo. A sense of nostalgia was attached to it. I felt like I’ve already been here. We had the warmest welcome at Shankar Guest House, the very first homestay opened in Kalpa by Kalpana didi and Rajesh bhaiya. Kalpana didi bought some fresh vegetables from her bageecha.

Kalpa is home to many memories now. The breathtaking views of Mount Raldang takes you away in some other world. The sky wasn’t in favour of us, as it was cloudy mostly. It was chilly, windy. The view from Room no. 3 was very homelike. A old Himachali house, with just a sneak peak of the monastery.

The next morning was beautiful. The morning rays opened my eyes. I sat next to the balcony with a cup of chai in my hand and wrote letters to myself, about the stories to be found, the memories to be made. I feel blessed to be on this trip with Jai bhai and Huma di.

As more stories unfold in times to come. For dreaming, and living. For being. For the love for mountains, for the love for self...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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