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A Memoir from my life: Convocation

A Memoir from my life: Convocation

A Memoir from my life. 18.12.2021. A chapter of my life ends here, but the next page is the new beginning. I’ve graduated in BA(Journalism & Mass Communication) being the 100% scholar throughout the course, securing 2nd position in Academics with a Silver medal from Amity University, Amity School of Communication, Noida.

A Memoir from my life: Convocation

Three years ago, I was in a dilemma, as to what to do in life, and three years since then were filled with countless memories, life experiences, opportunities, learning, a rush of emotions, friendships and at most assignments. I’m standing here, full of gratitude for the contribution that Amity has in my life.

I am thankful to Vice Chancellor ma’am, getting the degree from ma’an will be my most cherished memory from this day. I would also like to thank HoI’s, teachers, mentors and my family for making me go through this life-changing experience. I will cherish these memories forever.

A Memoir from my life: Convocation

I owe my journey to my parents, my mother for asking to me do to Graduation and my father for being a guiding angel always. I dedicate this to you dad. Nothing’s more precious than my mother’s smile. She’s the proudest.

I know you’re proud of me too dad, and showering your blessings from heaven.

I wish you would’ve been here so that we celebrated at our favourite restaurant and shandy, danced our heart out. But as you’ve always said, ‘No matter whatever happens, the show must go on.’ Here I’m.

A Memoir from my life: Convocation

I’m full of gratitude for the life, people and memories I’ve got. Thank you almighty. I’m grateful and blessed.

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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