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A walk from Hauz Khas Metro Station to the Haus Khas Village.

The sun was playing hide and seek. The moment, the air conditioned metro ride turned to the heat wave street walk, I thought it isn’t my day. But still, I had a book in my hand, where Manto and Ghalib conversed with each other and I was third wheeling. It’s about a 2km walk, full of observations. It was noon, lunch time, autowallas were playing cards, hogging on sumptuous food and their autos were finding refuge under the shade of trees.

I sometimes feel, it’s so important to be your own company, your own shade. The walk passed through several cafes, bungalows, windows, trees, flowers, people, a traffic signal, till I reached the main street. The main street looked like, it’s living both in the past and present. What we first encounter, other than the cafes is, a historical monument named Dadi-Poti tombs, because of it’s structure. As you enter, you see no one except the security guard, in his own world. As you exit, there’s a bird calling out for someone we don’t know.

Moments pass by, you reach the Hauz Khas Village. The sun is complementing the world famous graffiti and there’s no one around except some thoughts, feelings. A word I would like to add in between the ‘Tranquillise Now’ sign is Life. Tranquillise Life Now and everything would seem better. Few steps ahead and we are in front of the fort, HKV fort.

The dog finds it’s own company with the tombs, grass and the world around it. A walk around the fort is calming. A few more steps ahead, you see a peacock in the fort’s compound. Solo, again. In it’s own company. What complements it, is the building behind it painted with colours, which life gifts the peacock naturally. It looks so surreal, trust me. It reflects that whatever you try to find in this life, surrounds around you. You just have to look for it and not drown in the lake of life, but sink or try to hold on, like the boat in the deer park does, surrounded with both blooming and forgotten trees, in it’s own company, in it’s own solitude...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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