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A Weekday Getaway to Neemrana Fort Palace.

“A place so beautiful, a place so enchanting.”

A Weekday getaway to Neemrana Fort Palace. A blog post by Manan Kathuria.
Neemrana Fort Palace

Rajasthan has always excited me. It’s culture, music, dance forms, people, palaces, murals fascinate me. Whenever I’m somewhere around these things, I feel I must have been a Maharaja in the history.

This story is from a bright Monday morning, when I got away with my family to the mighty Neemrana Fort Palace, surrounded with lush green Aravalis.

Manan Kathuria writes about Neemrana Fort Palace.
Me and the Fort.

The place has a lot to speak about itself. It is ancient yet modern. It is old yet new. It is impressive from the moment you take a step inside. But to witness this magnificent palace, there’s an entry ticket of Rs. 1700/- which includes a lunch buffet, but not your stay. At few places around the compound, it’s worth it, but the access areas to some of the places are only reserved for people who are staying in their aesthetically named rooms, like Kabir Mahal, Meera Mahal, Lekha Mahal, Khazana Mahal.

Desserts at the Lunch Buffet, Neemrana Fort Palace.

Talking about the buffet, I had a treat. I can say that, because of its variety and actual taste. The Laal Maas, Dal Baati Churma was authentic and my go to. The desserts mouth-watering.

After the lunch, we took a stroll around the palace and I must admit that the staff there, is quite welcoming. I met Kuldeep Kharera, a caretaker who has been working there for 10 years. His hospitality was speaking for himself.

He started talking about how much he loves this place. He was born in the village which is in front of the mighty palace, Neemrana and he has seen the transformation of the fort through his eyes, daily in his walk of life. Our discussions started from the history of the palace, then to film making, the shoots that were shot in the palace and following to why he feels working here means a lot to him.

Manan Kathuria with Kuldeep Kharera (Caretaker, Neemrana Fort Palace)

He says, that the owner of the palace, “Mr. Aman Nath is the humblest person, he has ever met and has the quality of being in someone else’s shoes to know and help them with their problems i.e. Empathy. Kuldeep feels that the he is very lucky to be a part of Neemrana. He is well-versed with every minutest detail of the fort and wishes to take care of it.”

Later, while returning, his words put me in a thought process, where we always think about the hospitality of the hotel, but what about the hospitality of the staff. And here at Neemrana Palace, the quality exhibits very prominently, where they keep the guests always ahead of them and the staff who feels like they are at their home.

It was a great gesture and a pleasure to have got a warm-reception at the Neemrana Fort Palace, which made me forgot that it was a Weekday. It felt like it was a Weekend Getaway, that’s what everyone says. Hahah!

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Also, did you subscribe to the Journal?

See you on the next trip. Till then, keep exploring :’)

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Col Gurung
Col Gurung
Aug 20, 2021

Gr8 storytelling & beautiful pics Son. Keep it up. I am impressed.

Bless you.


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