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Dilli and Amaltas: a love affair.

Dilli and Amaltas: a love affair - Manan Kathuria

Amaltas, is poetry written with just 7 letters and Amrita Shergil Marg Lane is the most poetic street of Dilli. A weekday morning, passing through the most serene areas of Dilli, I reached to that lane where beauty falls through the trees in terms of yellow-coloured flowers, where silence speaks more than chaos, were peace lies within, where shadows feel warm, where laburnums bloom and shower, where you live inside an artwork, where you are the protagonist of your favourite novel, where you are closest to yourself.

These days, are the days of solitude, it feels good to be with self, read, write, eat well. The weather isn’t quite likely on our side, but it sacrifices some days for us to go and drown ourselves into our own life. Wherever I go, I feel like it’s mine. I hope you do too.

Early morning chronicles comprises of the most beautiful sight. Separated from the tree, golden amaltas flowers are spread all over the street, but unfortunately, there were too less of it when I reached. Moments later, breeze came, some flowers fell like a golden shower, some remain attached with the tree.

Auto’s compliments the area, like nothing else. An Amaltas tree with no leaves, stands tall next to a blooming one, dilliwallas walk through the street in terms of hope, cycles marks their way to offices, workplaces, city of dreams.

Amaltas trees may feel like Dilli is theirs during summers and their’s no doubt about that. An end to this poetic journey came when we reached the roundabout, and saw the real life beauticians picking up the fallen amaltas. A cart full of beauty, a cart full of detachment, a cart full of colour, a cart full of togetherness, a cart full of warmth, a cart full of Amaltas, a poem that stays with you forever...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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