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Gagan Damama Bajyo: A play on the life of Bhagat Singh.

Gagan Damama Bajyo- A play on the life of Bhagat Singh
Gagan Damama Bajyo

Shaheed Diwas is what India remembers on 23rd March as Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru sacrificed their lives today for their fight for Independence. It is ironical, but on the road leading to the destination called justice, they didn’t reach there. Bhagat Singh was introduced to me in school textbooks, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ which became the slogan of India’s armed struggle was stuck in my brain. What would have made a young Bhagat so fearless and bold? Who had an impact on him? I knew he read about other great leaders and how they led their countries, but who had been the most influential one for him was the question. I wanted to dig deep into his life story. I started looking for some books or movies and got my hands on a book – Gagan Damama Bajyo, a play written by Piyush Mishra.

Gagan Damama Bajyo- A play on the life of Bhagat Singh
Me and Piyush Mishra

Who knew after some months I’ll be sitting next to him during the rehearsals of the play? Let me start from the beginning, I was obsessed with songs like Husna, Ghar, Ik Bagal and movies like Gulaal. This obsession led me to meet him first at Dilli Durbar Festival, second time I took his interview at Ballimaaan’s (Piyush Mishra’s band) Live Performance at Cyber Hub.

The next I met him was at my favourite Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House for the play Gagan Damama Bajyo. I was called to click photographs for the play from the Tamboo team. I reached there during rehearsals and the energy in the auditorium was so high, the way Piyush sir directs, is par excellence. I had goosebumps watching the rehearsals.

Gagan Damama Bajyo: A play on the life of Bhagat Singh.
Behind the Scenes

This was the first time I saw what happens in a green room, how do actors prepare themselves before the show. As the show started, I could hear the excitement behind the curtains, the whispering 'audience has arrived'. I wished the team and Piyush sir, ‘All the best’ and took my seats to capture the show. I had a responsibility.

But I was so drowned into the play. Inquilab Zindabad struck me again. The play was fierce, happening and so real that I could see the Indian Independence Movement happening right in front of me. The way it was written was so engaging. I was half of the time looking in my viewfinder to click the pictures, and this is how I saw the play. From beginning till the end, everything from school textbooks kept revolving around me. But the questions were answered this time. It was so memorable.

I think whatever we question about, surrounds us and we eventually reach to the answers.

I would like to quote some lines from the play:

Watan ki aabroo ka paas dekhe kon karta hai, Suna hai aaj maktal mai hamara imtihaan hoga, Ilahi vo bhi din hoga jab apna raj dekhenge, Jab apni hi zameen hogi aur apna aasmaan hoga.

Rights Reserved © Photos I clicked during the play:

Meeting and talking to Piyush Mishra is another story. Wait for it. Hahaha.

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