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In search of a place to sit at Dilli’s most beloved Lodhi Garden.

In search of a place to sit at Dilli’s most beloved Lodhi Garden.

I’m walking on my most favourite street in Dilli. The trees take you to a very old era and their tall trunks speak history. On it’s left lies Amrita Shergil Marg. Still some hours to go as the sunlight falls on the board passing through the trees, making it’s own way, the sun is about to set.

Few steps ahead doorways to the Lodhi Garden open. It is the first time I took the entry from the gate where a love sign welcomes you, and some lovers too. The Bougainvillea trails with you from the Jor Bagh Metro Station and fallen flowers can be seen all over Dilli’s most beloved garden.

As I walk past in search of a place to sit and read a book, I cross a lot of love birds, and only some, like me were in their own solitude. A guard who’s also watering the garden, is in his own company. A tall tree whose roots must have been intact and spread all over, is now cut and a small part of it remains in front of the tomb. I have found a place to sit in between the palm trees, on that wooden log. It was just 3 minutes, that a loud laughter entered into the scene. It was distracting.

The place wasn’t suitable for reading. I got up and started walking again, towards the lake. A part of the garden, has bamboo trees all over. It was so enchanting, that it stopped me and I chose to sit there. There were two worlds I was in. I was in the world of the book as well as in Dilli. But, the crows loud ‘caw’ sound was a distraction. I had to move again.

As I walked across, beautiful flowers, lush green flora and a pinch of sunlight accompanied me. I reached near the Bada Gumbad. Hundreds of tourists clicking pictures, many locals strolling and a noisy chatter could possibly cover up the whole set up. This wasn’t the best place to sit and read either.

I went inside. The arch looked like a keyhole. And the key was kept somewhere and was long forgotten now. A person sat under the arch, as he read life around him and lived in the world of the present moment. Oh, in that moment, I so wish to be like him or am I? To be continued...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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