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Jama Masjid at Night.

Shahjahan’s treasure, the epitome of architecture and the grandeur of heritage resides on a hill. The minaret gives us the picturesque view of Purani Dilli and solitude finds itself in the corners. The place which holds so many duas, prayers, wishes in it’s courtyard, is one of the largest mosques of India, Jama Masjid, Dilli-6.

During the month of Ramzaan, the world around Shahajahanabad, one of the oldest cities with multifaceted culture and heritage, lights up with happiness, joy, belongingness and life.

People from all walks of life come here. It’s a surreal experience, and some worshippers stay till the last announcement ‘Chaliye, darwaaze band hone lage hai’(the gates are about to get closed) around 10pm at night.

In the courtyard, you find so many stories, three boys pose in front of my camera, as if it is a painting made in the 17th century, titled as three friends under the beautiful twilight moon. Children play (pakdam pakdai) rat-a-tat. Some people video calling their family members, so that they can pray, who live far beyond. You see diversity in every nook and corner of the mosque.

After passing through the gate, as we are about to walk down the stairs of the mosque and look in front of us, the hustle and bustle is so enchanting, that a person for once would think of getting lost in the crowd. The chatter, the wait for Kebabs, the shouts for Sharbat-e-Mohobbat, the queue for Shahi Tukda, the search for Karims, everything seems to be living in a different universe. A universe which is calm, joyful, content, divine, soothing, lively and a lot more like some getting lost in the process of finding themselves and some lost, finding themselves in the serenity of this chaotic world...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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