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Lights. Camera. Action. RajMan Talkies.

Lights. Camera. Action. RajMan Talkies.  - Manan Kathuria

Life is a rollercoaster and you don’t know what’s coming. 11 July. This day, marks the most memorable day for me. The day, I saw my films on a big screen. The day, happy tears fell for the very first time in my life. The day I dreamt about since last 9 years. I was 13, when I made my first film. And now, two short films very close to my heart, Imtihaan and Hearing the Fingers were screened for the test-run in the auditorium.

As soon as I entered, I had Jai bhai standing next to me. All I said was, ‘It’s done, I have seen everything that I ever wanted to’. Silence spoke so much at that moment. I was so nervous to get on the stage to get that feeling. And as soon as I walked up those three stairs, I knew I belonged there. It was surreal, trust me. It couldn’t have been possible without Jai bhai, Abhinav and Huma.

A dream that my dad and I saw, ‘RajMan’. It was happening right in front of me, and I could feel his presence there. I’m sure he must be so proud and he’s blessing us from up above. He held my hand through everything and taught me the power of dreaming and to never stop believing.

The last thing I said to him was, ‘we will tell stories through the Art of Cinema’ and it’s here. ‘RajMan Talkies’ is here with the first two short films. The show will be open to public very soon and I’ll be so happy to meet you all.

Maa, my family and friends, I’m always grateful and indebted to you all and my home, Faqir Chand Book Store, which has given me so much in the past few months which feels like a lifetime.

To everyone, who dreams, to everyone who believes. It’s our world. It’s our life. Let’s make it happen, together!

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