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My Childhood Go-to Chai Point!

Saini Breakfast Point, Sadar Bazaar, Gurgaon is Manan Kathuria's Childhood Go-to Chai Point.
Saini Breakfast Point, Gurgaon

It had been a long time, but everything felt so close to me. After 6 years, I visited the place where I spent my Bachpan (childhood). Those streets reminded me of our gully cricket days.

The street where Manan Kathuria lived in his childhood.
The Street.

The only motivation to wake up on a weekend, was that there will be no trucks, as Jacob Pura, Old Gurgaon used to be a place full of godowns and small shops and still is, so everyone used to come around 5 ‘o’ clock in the morning and set up bricks as wickets and then the show used to go till we broke one of the fancy looking mirror windows. Yes, that too in a rugged place.

As mirrors shattered, our hearts too as we weren’t allowed to play in the gully(street) for some time.

Then, the Gully gang decided to go to Kamala Nehru Park, located in the heart of Old Gurgaon. An early morning session of cricket left all of us hungry.

Even if our tummies, didn’t want food. We had major cravings of omelette and tea at the famous as we used to call it Bollywood Hollywood, now, Saini Breakfast Point.

It was a ritual. I visited this place again this time and the tea, yeah, the tea was same like before. Not a slight change in the chuskis.

The places still live like they used to, they live in our memories.

Bachpan (childhood) is that time period of one’s life, which helps her/him discover the way ahead of life and those minutes spent in discovering are like the roots of a fully-grown tree in the coming ages of life.

I don’t know what did I discover from here, or maybe, the Masala Tea. Yes, now I’m a chai addict. It is a part of my lifestyle. Be it on a tapri or a fancy looking café/restaurant with mirror windows.

Everything feels the same.

I don’t understand Instagram, but I’m still there:

See you next time. Until then keep sipping Chai.


pooja bharti
pooja bharti
Jul 11, 2021

I am feeling that I am also a part of your story


Meenal Modi
Meenal Modi
Jul 11, 2021

Oh my God!! Nostalgia!!!! You captured everything so beautifully and every bit of it made me so emotional.. It was a trip down memory lane!! 🥺❤


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