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Oh dear Manan, live it.

Oh dear Manan, live it.

Trust in the process and the rest will follow. I feel like I’m still in that dream and will always be, as we live in our dreams too. Last few weeks have been very overwhelming for me, full of gratitude.

From running around Delhi, shortlisting auditoriums, being a part of the dream team, shifting from one auto to another, getting no time to sip some chai, sleepless nights and oversleeping days just to pass time in excitement, that this dream is about to happen; everything started revolving around me.

From typing and deleting, from writing and erasing, from choosing what to share and what to keep to self, from standing in front of the mirror with a TV remote in my hand, a spot made with a bulb, the ocean of emotions just flowed out like there’s no end to the life of dreams which I lived till now and will continue to live further.

I’ve witnessed so many seasons in this course of time. Monsoon and Summer, being a part of this journey. Most of the time was spent in and around Khan Market. Three cycles stood next to a shutter accompanied by a cushioned seat, asking me to choose the comfort every time I passed through it.

The love, warmth and happiness I have got is beyond words and means the world to me. Sitting in a cafe I was penning my thoughts, next to the window. Art started surrounding me in so many forms. ‘Call for artists for the sake of Art’ wall mural in Mandi House to a Golden Living Statue in Khan Market. I think sometimes, life surprises you with so many things and all you have to do, is to live it. I wrote once in my story back in December 2018, ‘Aaj khaali hai, kuch din baad housefull hoga’ and the show is sold out now. Oh dear Manan, live it...

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Dec 19, 2023

LIVE IT MANAN !! Live every sec while you can ! And don't ever stop uploading anything over here because idk about the rest but definitely I shall always read whatever you post ! I kinda save people blogs in my chrome tabs and sometimes in search of podcasts I go through many profiles over there so be it !

Do upload here manan ! You know those small small moments you photograph s smthg I'm just loving it so

Do upload okay ? And mayb be little consistent 😅 bcz there might be a chance of you thinking unlike Instagram no one might come here to read . I'm that being whom you ll find in those places where…


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