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Startup Kunji: My Father's Dream Book.

Startup Kunji by Raj K Pathak

Startup Kunji: It’s a dream book. His dream book. My father’s dream book is out for the world now. This is where his world revolved. And ours revolved around him. One of the foremost things he wanted to do in his life was to get a book published on the topic which was so close to his heart, on his fingertips, that was, STARTUPS. The moment he saw the first copy of the book, his happiness was on cloud infinity. This is the desk where he sat for writing the book, taking interviews of young entrepreneurs, and giving practical insights on it.

Startup Kunji by Raj K Pathak

Unfortunately, we lost him in the second wave of Covid-19. He launched the English edition of the book in March 2021 virtually as well as in a conference. It’s March 2022, a lot has changed. He was very excited for the Hindi edition of the book, finally it’s out now as well. Look dad, the book is here.

I’m guessing he must be the happiest up above. He had plans to take the book to every nook and corner of this world. For every student, for everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur. This was the reason behind choosing the title ‘Kunji’.

The book contains:

1. Practical guidance to SRS (start – run- scale) a business.

2. Cumulative information on stakeholders including ‘the art of raising money’.

3. Interactive and Inspirational give outs from entrepreneurs.

The book also promises to inspire young people presently in a job but someday who wish to jump into running their own business.

A lot of feathers were in his cap for his contribution towards entrepreneurial ecosystem. He was well known for his conceptualising, directing and producing India’s 1st television show celebrating entrepreneurship namely BUSINESS MANTRA TV show which successfully ran for 100+ episodes.

Startup Kunji by Raj K Pathak

To get the book;

You can get it on Amazon.

And it is exclusively available at Faqir Chand Book Store, Khan Market, Delhi.

The show is going on, as you said, as always.



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