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The Art of Fixing Time!

- Vijay Gupta’s story.

The Art of Fixing Time by Manan Kathuria.
Mr. Vijay Gupta.

The man who knows how to stop, start, change time. Surrounded with clocks and watches, from G-shock to Titan, Ajanta to Sonata besides the famous Kabir Bhawan Chowk (Shivji ki Murti) in Old Gurgaon. I welcome you to the world of Vijay Gupta, 62 years old but young by heart. He’s passionate to learn about anything and everything.

The Art of Fixing Time by Manan Kathuria.
Vijay Gupta's Shop.

He has a solution for everything when it comes to out fancy looking, sometimes not working watches.

He passed his Matric education in 1975 and is working since then. His world is surrounded with time, in different colours, size and shapes. The sound of ticking is more attractive for him rather than the hustle and bustle of the Gurgaon’s most famous and worshipped chowk.

There are many who repair clocks but Gupta ji understands Horology, the art of making clocks and watches.

While having a word with him, he told me a story of how an horology student once came to his shop, and was confused about how to repair one of the traditional watches. Gupta ji with his witty brain gave him the solution. Since then they shared the bond of Guru-Shishya (Teacher-Son). Being the guru, he took a responsibility to make his Shishya reach heights. He feels proud of his student for holding a government job and earning far-far better than him. But the amount of respect, Gupta ji got is beyond words.

Gupta ji was so ardent about clocks and watches and time, that he set up his own shop in Gurugram. Enclosed with 3 walls, and a shutter, he works with minutest of the pieces used to fix time. It’s his universe.

Inspired by Gupta ji's work, I understood that a clock/watch is just like life. We choose the easy path, we go to a shop and get one, all we see is the tick, tick, ticker, a background and a brand. But the machinery with complicated things on the back under the watch dial isn’t visible. So, we need to compile the smallest of the pieces in terms of memories and moments and live that time. You never know when it stops, for a watch to get repaired we have Gupta ji but not to repair our own-selves. Hahaha.

I don’t understand Instagram, but I’m still there:

Take care of your time. See you soon!


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