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The Beach Life of Faiz and Momin.

2 well-renowned football fans in Manan Kathuria's world.
Faiz and Momin playing.

Far away but near the shores of Lakshadweep, live these 2 kids, yes these aren’t well-renowned poets, but these 2 kids are well-renowned football fans in my world.

I was on a cruise trip to Lakshadweep on MV Kavaratti ship and visited this beach Kavaratti. After spending the whole day having a swim in the Arabian Sea. It was time for lunch and these 2 kids came toddling over to the place I was sitting, with their football.

I was fully exhausted and lying in the sun. I ignored them at first, because I wasn’t a football enthusiast as much.

But yes, I was observing them.

They were in their own moment; this beach was their life and Faiz’s phone was his Encyclopedia to know more about this world.

I was leaving the place to go back to the ship, the officer gave the last call. But then, I thought I have to meet and know about them.

I walked up to them and asked if I can play football. As obviously, I tried to act as a very-learned football player and immediately while playing, they started talking in the language that I couldn’t understand. I thought Faiz was pulling my leg with his friend, Momin. But no, they were talking about my phone.

Manan Kathuria with Faiz and Momin in Lakshadweep.
Me, Faiz and Momin.

Faiz knew all about Apple’s iPhone and its features. He learnt it from YouTube.

He asked if he could shoot a video of me and Momin playing.

Getting hooked up with the words, I asked them to teach me some of the phrases in their language. Now, I know ‘Kapal’ is a ship.

My officer called out my name to board the ship as the ship was leaving. I said, 'Stop the Kapal'. Hahaha.

Just some small learnings and unexpected meetings with Faiz and Momin.


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