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The World inside me.

Manan Kathuria being surrounded with kids as he shows their photographs to them.
Me with a bunch of kids at Red Fort.

Every second of my life, I witness infinite stories. There’s so much happening in this world and I feel a part of every real-life crafted story. I connect with the happiness, sadness, miseries of life. I’m that person observing different situations, watching people fight, love, working, thinking, dancing.

I dive deep into the minds of people and understand how they think about their surroundings, their sorrows and their moments of joy. I meet them to know more about them. I have a word with them and so vividly they love to talk about their lives.

I’ll walk around streets, stroll around the same paths to spectate the changes that take place in matter of some days. The people who walked on it, the faces that changed, the moments that are different, the uncountable number of memories this world holds.

What if the world, itself is a living person? The world as a person looks upon every other individual, observes them, takes care of them, often lead them to the road full of obstacles, just to let them know that they have to learn this before they progress ahead in life.

I’m the world. I hold so many stories inside me. I’m responsible to bring these stories to you.

This Journal is an archive of all the stories that reside inside me. And I’m just making an account of the encounters my world is having in this life.

Your world is different, I’m glad you travelled till here to witness mine.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and a lot of stories are waiting for you to meet them.


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