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Umaid Bhawan Palace: An epitome of beauty.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur
Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace is an epitome of Royalty and Beauty. The ceilings are hand-painted, which takes you to a completely different era. Talking about the Museum, it is well equipped with things from the world of Maharajas, and you feel no less than living in that era, the moment you start strolling around the galleries.

Key for the lock.
Key for the lock.

It has a sense of pride, dedication attached to it. All the things in the museum have a story of their own, from a cutlery set to the diverse variety of clocks, operated by keys.

Although, the museum is made in a very small space, but it takes a lot of time to cover it all.

Hanuman Singh

We were guided around by Hanuman Singh Ji, the guide, who had a smile on his face always and knew the best places to capture photographs. Hanuman Ji, knew the history by his heart and he had been giving guiding tours to people for many years now.

The most important aspect of these historically-rich places, is the maintenance as well as the hospitality. And Umaid Bhavan Palace doesn’t disappoint in any case. It actually overpowers most of the Palaces built in India.

As Hanuman Ji, guided us all along, he told us the story of the family who built the palace, which was indeed very interesting. There was also one such story of a child, being given the title of Maharaja in his young age, who ruled the city.

When you start looking at the things kept in the museum, one by one, it feels as if it belongs to you. Being an old-school person, I was amazed to see how technology has transformed in past few years.

Also, what fascinated me the most in Rajasthan was the sport ‘Polo’. It looks like a royal game, out of my curiosity, I asked Hanuman Ji, about the it and he said this is their own game and they ace in it. Polo as a sport has a lot of prominence in Rajasthan, Maharajas, Rao, Maharana’s.

Vintage Car
Vintage Car.

Vintage Car collection was pretty and it had old Rolls-Royce Cars, Cadillac, Morris Minor and few more! But what was impressive is that all the cars are still operational!

In the end, I would say that this epitome of beauty won’t disappoint, so go immerse yourself into the world of Royalty and witness what beauty is!

See you next time! A lot of stories from Jodhpur are coming.

We might travel some 250kms away to Jaisalmer. Just to witness more magical things. Keep checking out!


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