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A Dilli Day after Twosday.

A Dilli Day after Twosday.

I was on a break but life was moving. It was the day after twosday, when I embarked upon a journey to Dilli. A walk around my favourite places after so long. ‘The city is getting back to what it was’ said the autowalla. ‘How?’ I questioned.

The answer to this was revolving in front of me, behind, beside, everywhere I looked. Metro’s have gained their lost charm; college students, holding their favourite books in hand, chatter, and early morning disappointments. Office bureaucrats can be seen with their fancy ties, briefcases walking in the heart of Delhi. Cart-walkers, in hope of the world being back to normal, trying to make a fortune of their time and day.

‘Paharganj has started seeing foreigners from around the globe’ says the clothes seller. ‘No one sits at home now.’ ‘Why?’ I asked. ‘What why, can’t you see?’ he replied. Our conversations continued. After some minutes, I was on the RK Ashram metro station waiting for the metro towards the heart of Delhi. I saw a chair, sunbathing, relaxing on the terrace. Something felt lonely. Even if the world’s getting back to normal. There’s still some emptiness. The day transitioned from a happy one to quite a melancholic one real soon.

CP’s favourite book corner has opened its shutter now, it looks as if it’s a mountain full of stories. The iconic windows are still looking beautiful inside the Cha Bar, consuming all the light in the darkness. But wait, what’s happening on the street? A wall reads, God is Real, but the gate’s locked. There isn’t a watchman or messenger there too, just that the jackets are hanging on the hook. I was right. Something was empty. A doorway to nowhere or maybe everywhere can only be passed through in dreams.

Look, some kilometres away, an autowalla has taken refuge in his dreams. A bottle comforting him in terms of a pillow and the seat as his bed. A river of faith, stands tall at the Bikaner House for an exhibition. A rose, yes a rose, has fallen at my second home. All at once. There’s life in everything, but sorrows in some. There’s light in everything, but darkness in some. There’s noise in everything, but silence in some...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')

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Jul 07, 2022

After reading your blog, it feels like kro see delhi with you.


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