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A Sunday In Dilli.

A Sunday in Delhi - Manan Kathuria

Dilli’s full of love, warmth and affection. I always say that Dilli’s an emotion too, but where’s life without soul, where’s soul without us? Dilli’s an amalgamation of poetry, stories, ghazals, nazm, music, theatre, books, people.

Afreen Afreen Event - A Sunday in Delhi.
Afreen Afreen'22

And the orchestra of all, was written in my day, the last Sunday on 20th March.

The day ended to a night worth remembering for a lifetime, at an event called Afreen Afreen, Indian Habitat Centre felt alive again. Dilli’s soul was filled with love.

‘Dasht-e-Tanhai’ to ‘Ishq par zor nahi’, from Ghalib to Faiz, from Mir to Momin, from Urdu to Hindustani. Everything was in the air.

Before the stars came in the sky, I was witnessing the story of Noor Jehan, in one of the most interesting, Stein Auditorium in Delhi, where past took place in the present.

Rewinding the day, the afternoon was spent at Indian Coffee House, one of my favourite iconic places in Dilli. The difference between the last time and this time, that it was melancholic before and chirpy now. See, Dilli’s soul has reunited with life.

The morning was bliss, Mahila Haat’s Sunday Book Bazaar had Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Paulo Coelho, and so many writers together. Some people were spending their Tuesday’s with Morrie, some men were in search of a meaning befriending Viktor Frankl. A stall which read Old Rare books was without a bookseller, a page flew out of her/his book collections and was lying all alone. A lady bookseller, with one of the most vibrant umbrella, was shadowing the books, with a rainbow in this hot summer.

A Sunday in Dilli - Manan Kathuria

The book I took home was one with just a Bougainvillea leaf, next to the heart of a leader. It was the soul. It was full of life even if it was empty. It felt like me. Who knew I would find myself by the end of the day, at the beginning of the night...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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