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A Tourist in my very own Dilli.

A Tourist in my very own Dilli.

I’m feeling like a tourist in my own city today. It feels like I’m visiting the Lodhi Gardens for the first time, which has been my path of walking to Khan Market, almost always. But today is something different. In continuation to the previous post, I enter from a different gate and now that half of my rendezvous has passed, I am standing in front of the Bara Gumbad.

A person, in his solace, sits on the stairs with his phone off. He’s an observing kind, dressed up in a yellow coloured shirt, yet he sees the world in different colours, I assume. People pass by in groups while clicking pictures, making videos, talking. It’s been half an hour for me to have strolled around seeing the intricacies of the architecture. But he hasn’t moved an inch.

I’m on the other side now, exploring the insides of the Gumbad, where I find a feather. I pick it up and keep it in the book which I’m reading while walking around. Suddenly, I look at him, making a selfie video of his own. I wish I could talk to him, but he was in his own company.

A child is fascinated to see the Lodhi tombs, as he walks with his mother. I start walking too. Following a person feeding dogs, I reach to the lake side of the garden. Unfortunately, they have shifted my favourite bench from there as the tree might fall someday. I sit next to the lake for a while, next to where the bench was. Waves are coming and going, silence is shouting, the world has paused for a minute or two before a bird comes looking for sticks to make a nest. I get up and start following it’s way.

Now, I am standing on the bridge, the fountains marks for the evening of the day. As I peep through the trees, I see bits of Amaltas left for this season. A daali of the Golden Amaltas falls on the bench below where no one is sitting. I guess, I did find my seat in Dilli’s most beloved garden, where solace finds it’s own way...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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