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Discovering Sayed Haider Raza’s art.

Manan Kathuria discovering Sayed Haider Raza's art.
Sayed Haider Raza's Essentials.

Sayed Haider Raza was introduced to me on 7th February 2021 in an exhibition ‘Antrung Raza’ curated by Akhilesh. It happened when I was strolling around Mandi House, Delhi, and thought of visiting my favorite, go-to place Triveni Kala Sangam. SH Raza was a part of the Bombay Progressive Artists Group which included artists like MF Hussain, FN Souza, KH Ara, SK Bakre. This also introduced me to modern art. I’m not that much of a painter, but there was something hidden in Raza’s works. His sayings were quoted on the walls which helped me decode his art.

“It is not exactly that I want to be isolated. I am living in the world and I want to be connected with the world. But what I am driving at is that it is important to be alone.” – SH Raza

When I read the above quote on the wall, I stayed there awestruck for 5 minutes. Read it again and again and again. Then I started going through his letters, the art pieces. There was so much peace in them. Raza’s world was full of beautiful French-Indian conversations.

Manan Kathuria discovering Sayed Haider Raza's art.
SH Raza's art piece.

I came across this art piece. These must be some words for someone, but strange lines around these 5 words reflected and justified the quote for me. It may have a different meaning for someone else but for me looking at it was a way of life.

The way he thought. I somehow feel that there’s a stage in someone’s life, where he/she goes through a life period like this, full of creativity and balancing your inner self through art. That teaches you so much, even if you’re in a shell, you learn some meaning of life.

We aren’t the only ones lost in this beautiful world and struggling to make art our life.

Art is what makes us. Be it in terms of poetry, paintings, writings, photography, films. It finds us on its own. It helps us move our hand on that white canvas or press that shutter button. Thank you for making me believe this.

It’s 22nd February and it’s his birth anniversary. Happy Birthday SH Raza. Thank you for creating such meaningful art where one finds his own peace.

– Manan Kathuria.

Manan Kathuria discovering Sayed Haider Raza's art.
Manan Kathuria and SH Raza.

Some clippings from the exhibition - Antrung Raza 2021.

Raza's world is now a part of my world too.


trisha chowdhury
trisha chowdhury
Feb 22, 2021

Next time i'm coming with you :)

Mar 10, 2021
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Yes sure, it would be great :)


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