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A day of my life: My Second Home, Faqir Chand Book Store, Khan Market.

A day of my life Faqir Chand Book Store, Khan Market.

3 weeks, it had been more than 3 weeks, that I felt something was missing, a void, a longing for something. I knew what it was. I asked myself, ‘Have I ever felt great to be at a particular place? What is my go to place?’. I knew the answer to it. But then again, ‘is it?’ A big ‘Yes’ came shouting to me, as soon as I entered Dilli’s cafe-esc Khan Market and saw Faqir Chand Book Store (my second home) on a blissful sunny Friday.

Imagine having a rush of emotions, all at once, extreme happiness, but a tagged along melancholy, lows and highs, ups and downs, coming still, at a point, where all I could think of was nothing, but losing myself in the world of books, windows, stories of what lies behind closed shutters and a soft-silent breeze which helped leaves, not parting away from the branches.

The sun was being the best version of itself in the Dilli winters giving me hope. There was space for shadows too in this rushy market, yes, our own shadows, filling the box of emptiness. A signboard, that was hidden, behind the books at Faqir Chand Book store, was already giving a sign, to feel the ‘Good Vibes’ as now I’m here.

‘We are open for take away’ and they were open for taking away all our miseries. While strolling around, cats were playing hide and seek, well, now it was their playground. Are they also in a state of melancholy trying to lose themselves?

A day of my life: Faqir Chand Book Store, Khan Market.

The cycle had a parking of it’s own outside a tailor shop which remained closed for the day. The bills were tucked on the locked gate which one day will disappear as the plants grow. It was time to go back. Back to a shell, but I felt recharged. The void came to an end. The melancholy paused, the longing got completed. Sun accompanied me on my way back. Every second, it was losing itself, it was setting. I closed my eyes, and it was gone, the very next moment. This is how the day came to an end...

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')

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Mohit Gera
Mohit Gera
Jan 28, 2022

I like the way you make us feel these vibes. Keep writing bhai. ❤️


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