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Faqir Chand & Sons Bookstore: The soul of Khan Market.

Faqir Chand & Sons Bookstore
Faqir Chand & Sons Bookstore

A Sunday evening, Delhi winter sky turned from blue to pink, the hues of happiness had already started. This is the 3rd time I'm visiting the capital city’s most beloved Khan Market. Accompanied by my buddies, it was an impromptu plan, but I think it had a purpose. We parked the car right in front of a bookstore I was longing to go to. But all of us decided to take a stroll around the place, to absorb the charm, vibes and beauty. It is an aesthetic place, accommodating world’s best café’s and sumptuous cuisines. But I was still stuck with the bookstore in my mind.

Faqir Chand & Sons Bookstore

The bookstore, yes, the bookstore. For people who know me, some might call me a person making films, or may know me as a poet, but was he ever a bibliophile, they’ll doubt, and it’s true too, because I never read something giving my heart out. I would rather read it just for the sake of reading and could only finish 10-12 pages, and leave the book resting in my cupboard. It happened in 2020, when I started reading about Saadat Hasan Manto, and the journey to short stories began, leading me to Ismat appa and many others. The world of poets started surrounding me, my favourites I call them now, Amrita Pritam, Faiz, Ghalib. They are my friends. Delhi, for now, is my best friend.

Again, the bookstore in my mind was clinking bells, I was in the inside lane, and all I could see was the bookstore. I strolled a little more, and entered from the front side. Faqir Chand bookstore, Heaven it was for me. I could see all my friends Ghalib, Manto, Faiz, Amrita Pritam, left to right. Even Delhi was there, waiting for me, in Rana Safvi’s books.

Faqir Chand & Sons Bookstore

I asked for some books. Here’s the book you were looking for! says Abhinav, the famous bookseller. I gently reverted back saying, ‘thank you’. But I was so lost in heaven, that all I could think of was reading everything, sitting there. Abhinav and I, talked about different books, people and the conversation, went again to my friends, the poets and storytellers. I found the book I was looking for, ‘Nobody can love you more’ by Mayank Austen Soofi @thedelhiwalla and Abhinav helped me get the signed copy to me, which is a treasure I would cherish forever. The book means a lot to me; it deserves a different post.

Faqir Chand & Sons Bookstore

Now, it was time to go back, I got a postcard from the heaven where my friends are living. I know I’ll be visiting them often, more often now. Because I know, this bookstore is a second home to me and has opened the world for me to read and write. Did I say write? Yes.

Thank you for following my journey :')


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