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Hues of You by HuesoftheMind!

“A walk through the views, our hues, and the best avenues”

Hues of You by HuesoftheMind written by Manan Kathuria.
Hues of You - The Book
Manasi Gupta, Founder, HOTM

I got this book as a birthday gift, from my lovely friend Manasi Gupta. And, after reading this beautiful work by her and Team Sahaara - Hues of the Mind,

I feel that this book is an ideal way of how one should live life.

I had been reading their Huesletters every fortnight, which are different and highly expressive but this book is a roller coaster. It brings you closer to yourself and the world around you.

The book makes you go through a space, so comfortable that you have been craving to be in for years. I feel, Mental Health should be addressed and taken care of. When I started reading this book, I thought it would be a self-help book and I used to run away from books like these. As days passed by, the pages of this book started turning too. I read 5 pages a day, because it was too overwhelming for me and the universe was shooting stars at me. So many reality checks.

After few days, this book became a companion to me. My mornings would only start after reading some pages, with my favourite Chai. And this happens every day and night now. Flipping pages and reading parts of the book makes it better for me, always. There’s a section in the book, the feel-good kit. It’s actually a support system, giving me the way to cope up with things like anxiety, confusion, and making my mood super-good to move ahead for the day. The prose-poetries in the book are an icing on the top.

Team Sahara, Hues of the Mind. Hues of You by Manan Kathuria.
Team Sahara, HuesoftheMind

Another heart-warming segment of the book, Hues Safe Space, connected me with the stories, I’ve seen through my daily life, but not observed it.

It takes you to that moment, where you forget about your flaws and life becomes still. It gives you your time to think, and break the chains of overthinking.

A self-portrait of Manan Kathuria with Hues of You, a book by HuesoftheMind.
Me with the Book.

I feel from imperfections to perfections, we are often distracted from our directions, and it is important for us to learn this that even if you’re distracted, speaking your minds out are freeing and can bring you to a tranquil phase.

Just be happy, and make others happy.

If you need any help, reach out to HuesoftheMind:

The best part to buy the book:

All the revenue from this book will raise funds to help people access therapy easily! You can have a look here:

I don’t understand Instagram, but I’m still there:

See you next time. Till then, take care of yourself and your Mental Health :’)


Gurung Subi Raj
Gurung Subi Raj

Gr8 going Manan. Keep ur spirits high and may you reach the zenith of your thresh hold that you are aiming at, in life.


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