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Lonely benches of Delhi at Sunder Nursery.

Lonely benches of Delhi at Sunder Nursery.
A lonely bench.

A world around nature, a world around flying pigeons, falling leaves, feathers on the ground, mysteries and melancholy all around. Benches, a park full of benches. One after another. Different designs, some are antique, some are new.

Some are full. Most are empty. Out of which, few are lively, more are lonely. ‘An escape in landscape’ was the only thought bugging my mind since the morning. The thought was deep, the exploration went more deeper as I found more benches. One was occupied by someone unknown to me, one by something known to me, one had coffee stains, on one laid a ukulele, waiting to be played. The next I saw was lonely. The bench next to it was lonelier. Every other bench that I saw was empty, lonely, as if melancholia has touched them too. A bench caught my eye surrounded with flowers and a star. I went on clicking more and more pictures.

While looking for more benches. I entered into wilderness. An area I didn’t know existed. As, I looked up, sunlight came peeping through the trees on my face. The place felt like going through a void with a pinch of sun rays falling on it. There were no benches in this area. A dog found his refuge here. This was his world. He didn’t come to me, I didn’t go to him. We both were in our solitude.

Lonely benches of Delhi at Sunder Nursery - Manan Kathuria

Life was still pacing very fast underwater. Above it was slow. The dog went away. I was all by myself. I took a feather. Kept on strolling. I don’t know how but I came back to where I started from. Is that life?

I crossed through the same bench which caught my eye. The bench was still empty. I sat on it with that feather. We were complementing each other’s emptiness, replacing solitude with solace. I left the bench, like the dog left his refuge. There’s void everywhere now with a pinch of happiness. I hope. The feather which separated now, is with me, like my emptiness is with the bench.

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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