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Delhi’s Favorite Picnic Spot: Sunder Nursery

Sunder Nursery - Delhi's Heritage Park and Favourite Picnic Spot
Sunder Nursery

Delhi, a historical city of monuments and heritage has a lot in itself. I’m an ever-ready person to go explore monuments. Because the places remain same and people around it changes. Seasons change, Leaves fall, flowers blossom. The monument remains the same, if there’s isn’t any retouching going on. I remember going to Humayun’s Tomb back in 2016, and there were blue long shutters on the left side and I was so curious to know what’s behind it.

Sunder Nursery - Delhi's Heritage Park and Favourite Picnic Spot
Long Blue Shutters.

I read it somewhere that there are monuments around Humayun’s Tomb, but at that time what caught my attention around Humayun’s was Isa Khan Tomb’s. The day didn’t end there.

I came out and saw those long shutters again. I saw some construction going on. I wanted to go and see what’s there. But couldn’t. I forgot about it. It’s been 4 years now.

Sunder Nursery - Delhi's Heritage Park and Favourite Picnic Spot
Sunderwala Mahal

There was quite a buzz on social media these days about a place called Sunder Nursery. Without any check on web, I decided to go and explore the place by myself. Took the metro, booked the tuk-tuk and reached there. Same old long blue shutters, but this time the place was open for visitors. Without further ado, I took the tickets for 40rs. Saying Hello, to the guard, I entered a lavish green patch in the midst of Delhi’s most crowded area, Nizamuddin. I took a right turn, but the benches there were lonely, as people chose to sit on grass, enjoying the bright sun. Some were also in shades under long trees. Some read books, while others danced.

Some celebrated birthdays, others spent some great family time together. This is how the place was for me. What was similar? Everyone had a wide smile. Even the monuments were happy to have people as their guests.

But this time, I sat close to the pond and read a book. People came and went, some passed by, some blocked my fountain view. I had a nice natural soundtrack blessing my ears. Special Thanks to sparrows. There is a wide variety of ecology, trees as well as birds. But I was distracted by this one question. Will this Sunder Nursery be Sunder (Beautiful) forever?

I really don’t want this gem to sacrifice itself under the pressures of plastic and waste. I really don’t want people to compromise with this epitome of beauty.

Go have a visit. You’ll discover some new things about yourself like I did. And all of these Some-things will remain a part of me and my world.

Sunder Nursery’s - beautiful photos:

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Mar 28, 2021

Visited this place quite a few times.

Believe me now its one of my favourite spots🥰


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