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Two, mostly two-gether at 32nd Avenue, Gurgaon.

Two, mostly two-gether at 32nd Avenue, Gurgaon

A Winter afternoon. A very cold day. A picturesque place which looks like Paris, Italy or Germany. I haven’t been anywhere out of these three but I’ve travelled all of it in my imagination while living in India. Lonely Planet’s India was lying on a shelf of a closed cafe. A vintage-battery operated car was going to and fro. A street full of cafes. Aroma of coffee, croissants, cheesecakes, pizza, wine, mixed up in the air, giving the feel of all those places. The leaves of the trees were fallen, the branches turned golden as slight sunlight passed through. A hot chocolate rested on the round table. But.

Sadly, there wasn’t any Masala Chai, which could help me brew a story. What else could have it been like? A day without a story? Might be. An hour passed. I found myself sitting in Starbucks. Life was happening, every second passed away as their love grew. Two, mostly two people come two-gether here. Am I witnessing something? The conversations were about food, romance, life. They sat on the table next to me. I had all ears. Shhhhh! But my eyes were looking around. 3 small plants caught my eye. It was painted on the wall, where seedlings was written next to them. A symbol of growth, and the importance of roots.

Everything grew except my excitement to write about something. Cheese Toasts came on their table. The coffee was about to finish. The last conversation, Shhhh. I can’t say. It’s our little secret. And they left. My round table had an empty cup of hot chocolate, their round table had two empty glasses, but wait, how could they just forget the last bite? Is it a piece of love? Or a memory they left to cherish?

The setting was cozy. I didn’t want to leave. Only thing that could drag me out of that chair was the lighting as it was time for dusk. Okay, alright. ‘I’ll go, but I’ll try not to write about this’ I said to myself. I knew I was going with a story. The last bite was still a puzzle to solve for me, but the conversation is a mystery for you. The chairs were empty now. The plants lost their sun. The car was vacant. The lights were on. The story was brewed. I left taking the seasons greetings. Two more people two-gether walked in. They might go and sit on the same table, will they leave the love bite, ufff, I mean the last bite...who knows?

Thank you for being a part of my journey :')


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